Tutorial - Create new Docs in a new Github Repository

This tutorial assumes you have an existing Kava Docs account as well as a Github account.

Note: This tutorial shows how to manually create a new Github repository and manually edit Markdown files to create content. However, you may find the use of a more advanced editing tool, such as Markdown Monster, more agreeable. For that scenario, see tutorial # 3.

Step 1: Create a new Gibhub Repository

  1. Go to Github and choose to create a new repository.
  2. Choose to have Github create a readme.md markdown file. (This is not strictly required, but it is convenient for our purposes).
  3. Click on readme.md to view the contents of that file right on Github.
  4. Click the edit link to edit the content
  5. Add new markdown content, such as this example text:
# Hello World!

This is an *example* markdown file.

> This is a note.
  1. Commit (“save”) the file

Note: Markdown editing is greatly simplified using one of the many powerful markdown editors. We recommend Markdown Monster.

Step 2: Add more content if desired

  1. In the new repository, add another markdown file, such as test.md
  2. Click on the file to see its contents.
  3. Click to edit the file.
  4. Add more content such as the following:
# Test

The *quic*k brown fox jumps over the **lazy** dog.

> This is another note.
  1. Commit the file

Step 3: Create a Table of Contents

It is not strictly required to have a table of contents in your repository, but it is recommended as it simplifies things and provides a great degree of control over your documentation setup.

  1. Create a new file called _toc.json (note the underscore!) and open it for editing.
  2. Put the following JSON into that file:
  "title": "My First Docs",
  "owner": "Your Name",
  "language": "en-US",
  "version": "1.0",
  "topics": [
      "title": "Welcome to My Docs",
      "topics": [
          "title": "Readme",
          "link": "readme.md"
          "title": "Test",
          "link": "Test.md"

Note: Markdown Monster also has special features to edit _toc.json files. We highly recommend using a tool to edit this file, rather than attempting to create the table of contents manually.

Note: The _toc.json file structure is based on the JSON standard. You can find out more about all the options available in this file here.

Step 4: Create the Kava Docs Repository

You now have a valid documentation repository. You can now follow the First Tutorial to create the Kava Docs repository.